Philips PL-S 9W/108/2p BLB Blacklight Blue

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Lichtkleur: Blacklight Vermogen 9W Levensduur: 3000 uur

PL-S Blacklight Blue is a special low-wattage compact

fluorescent lamp emitting long wave UV radiation for

detection and analysis purposes in archaeology, money

checking, forensic science, food industry, medicine,

mineralogy, philately as well for special effects in night clubs,

discos, theatres and sign lighting. The 2-pin version is

designed for operation on electromagnetic gear, the 4-pin

version is designed for operation on electronic gear. Both

versions are provided with a plug-in/pull-out lamp base.


• Long wave UV fluorescent phosphor technology

• 2-pin version: 2-pin base with a housing incorporating the special

instant starter and capacitor

• 4-pin version: 4-pin base


• Detection and analysis in the textile and chemical industries

• Archaeology

• Banking

• Forensic science

• Food industry

• Medicine

• Mineralogy

• Philately

• Special effects in night clubs, discos and theatres

• Sign lighting

Vervangt (W) 9W
Lichtkleur (K) BLB 108 (Blacklight)
Kleurcode 108 Blacklight blue
Aantal pinnen 2 pinnen
Lengte 167 mm
Lampvoet G23
Voorschakel apparaat Conventioneel
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